Frenchly speaking II…

Lancôme Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector is an anti-ageing skin treatment that helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, tighten and reduce pores, and produce a more resilient, even skin tone on all skin types. It is formulated with LR 2412, a unique new molecule born out of 12 years of research, it has the ability to ‘self-propel’ through the layers of the skin, recognizing skin damage and triggering the skin’s repair process. As a result, skin is visibly transformed: the texture is finer, wrinkles are visibly erased, pigmentary irregularities are reduced, and pores are tightened. It can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin and around the eye contour.
Again, I think that there are so many different products that you have to use just to mimic our God given bodies and how perfectly they work.  It is the same with everything…cosmetics, medicine…
Amazing things our bodies are…
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Frenchly speaking…

Taken from ConsumerHealthDigest.comI always wonder how these products work and if they are really worth the money we spend on them.  It seems to me, after my adventures in retail. that you have to combine so many different products together to get a desired effect.  It can be costly and confusing.

They said it better than I could…~dbratt

 Genifique Overview

Genifique is a range of ‘youth-activating’ products manufactured by the well-established and reputable company Lancome. The Lancome consumer website provides information about their full line of skincare and cosmetics products but very little about each individual brand. However, being such a well-known company, they do provide good customer service and, while most of their products can be purchased in retail stores, Lancome offer a secure online ordering service.

The webpage for Genifique includes consumer reviews of the product, which are all very positive, and a brief outline of how the formula works. The Genifique range includes an eye cream, night cream, concentrated serum and the Genifique Youth Activating Cream Serum. When purchased directly from the manufacturer this latter product costs $84.00 for a 1 fl oz bottle. Lancome does accept returns on all its products but there is no time limit stated.

Genifique – Product Description


Unfortunately, Lancome does not supply any information about the ingredients in Genifique Cream Serum, only saying that it is a ‘hybrid’ of concentrated serum and deeply moisturizing cream. Some details are available from retail sites which list Bio-Lyst, Phystosphingosine and Hepes as its main active ingredients. It appears that the purpose of the formula is to instruct the body to start producing more growth proteins and boost the production of youth genes. In approximately 4 weeks, users should experience less visible signs of aging and softer, more ‘cushiony’ skin.

Genifique products are designed to work as part of a full routine, and it is not known how well just using one product in the range would work alone.

Genifique Advantages

  • Lancome is a reputable company
  • The product has received good consumer feedback
  • Product returns are accepted
  • The product website is professional
  • Genifique is available in retail stores

Genifique Drawbacks

  • Genifique is expensive
  • No ingredients are listed
  • No clinical trials performed on the formula are shown
  • Refund details are limited

Genifique – The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that the Genifique range of products are more expensive than similar brands, many customers will be willing to spend the money on a trusted and known brand. It would be helpful to know exactly what ingredients were in the product or be able to receive a free trial sample beforehand.

Aging is a completely natural process that happens to everyone at one time or another. Fortunately, there are several choices when it comes to quality anti-wrinkle creams that allow you to keep your youthful complexion and glow for years to come. To help you delay this as long as possible, you have to choose a wrinkle cream very carefully, since most creams are not really effective. To make it easy for you to choose the best anti-wrinkle cream, we have evaluated the top products on the market. Below are the best products on the market rated according to the effectiveness and safety of the ingredients. 


I don’t know if that is truly a word, but it represents what we are all trying to achieve.  Being perfect is a tall order.  Looking your best, however, is something that is achievable.  I am finding that any product that makes you feel pretty and you can see results is your “perfect” product.

Keep looking and trying things to find out what that product is and you will fell much better.  This serum really makes my skin “feel” better even if it wasn’t necessarily sick.  I have been using this now for a couple of months and what a difference it has made in the feel of my skin during the day.

It is a little pricey, but I use it every morning under my makeup and the smooth soft feeling lasts all day.  I am not trying to sell this to anyone, just suggesting trying it for a while and see if you feel the same way…~dbratt


Hate being sick.  So much I could be doing but here I am coughing and trying to breathe.  Haven’t been sick in some time however.  Need to get more Oil of Oregano.  Ran out and I really think that it has made a difference in me not getting sick over the past year.

Oregano Essential Oil

Does anybody have any other remedies for colds and getting rid of them fast or preventing them?  ~Dbratt

It’s a Miracle!

Light, even coverage makes Lancome Tient Miracle a winner in my book.  In my adventures in retail, I have sampled many brands and found that this product is the nicest feeling and give the best results for me.  It covers a little or, if you need to, can cover a lot.  It evens out your combination skin and gives a radiant look the whole day.


You must go to a Lancome counter and get matched to get the best results.  I am a Buff 6 and the coverage is the best.

Miracles really to happen and they did when I started using Lancome Tient Miracle…no joke…~Dbratt

Got it nailed down…

I like having my nails done by a professional.  This last time however, really did a number on them.  They started breaking off even if you just looked at them.  I am trying now to get them back in good condition.  I don’t typically spend a lot of time on my nails and that is problematic.  In the past I have done acrylic but that is not good in the long run either.  My cousin is a nail tech and she got me into using gel.  Gel nails are great because they dry almost immediately.  You can even do dishes after completing the gel process.  The process in removing them though is quite harsh as well and can take a toll…


Recently I have found some products that make my hands and nails feel great.  Clinique Even Better and Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream make my hands feel nourished and soft.  I have also squared off my nails to make them less likely to split down the middle which seems to have worked.  The Even Better takes care of those “freckles” that I talked about yesterday that appear on my hands.  Works great!


Another product that works amazing is the Avon Nail Experts Pear Shine.  It has a light color with a little shimmer but the main thing is that it dries almost immediately just like the gel.  I put this on every couple of days and remove it after two applications so there is no buildup.

My nails are not where I want them to be but they are well taken care of…


Go away lines and freckles (age spots)…

Last May I started using Nerium AD Age-Defying Treatment.  The change in my skin the first 5 days was nothing less than miraculous!  My “freckles” and lines improved immediately.  The softness that if gives the skin leaves you feeling like you are actually doing something to make it better.

Nerium BlogHer

This product is something that you can feel good about using and actually see the change without having to use it for 6-9 months…



Perceptions of perfect…

I am embarrassed to say that in watching the movie “The Other Woman” I looked at Kate Upton running down the beach and thought…”Wow is she fat!”.


This is a beautiful woman and not all that far off from me (except the boobs of course), but nothing like the other models and movie stars that are shoved down our throats in movies and magazines all day long.  I even surprised myself when I listened to Cameron Diaz comment in the movie about how perfect Kate’s character was and how could she compete with that!


I felt uncomfortable watching these scenes because in  my mind I was struggling to really see that Kate’s character was so comfortable wearing that bikini when I wouldn’t be caught dead in something that skimpy because of how I think that I look.

I am finally beginning to realize that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder especially when you are looking at yourself.  This year I am really trying hard to be easier on myself and how I look and feel about me…how about you?



For me the name and packaging of a product helps make the sale.  Some years ago I signed up to sell Avon.  I figured that my mom liked it and my sister-in-laws too so that would mean some sales for me.  Of course when you are selling it you get exposed to new products each and every week.  And of course they are described to you in a way that makes you say “Hey, I need that!”

That is when my eyes were opened to BB Creams.  BB Creams or Beauty Balms…Blemish Balms, were enticing because the name implies that they are a miracle  application that is, in some ways, better than foundation.  I don’t like heavy foundations and would use tinted moisturizer instead because of the lightness of the application.  BB Cream was new and different and maybe would give you that extra SPF Protection in a “balm”.  Doesn’t that sound luxurious?  #biteme

BB Creams


Then lo and behold the next trend came out…CC Cream!  CC Cream promised to even out the color of my skin and provide a much needed SPF.  What a deal!  But what if I wanted to correct my color and get the additional moisture that the BB offered?  Well I guess I would need to use both which defeats the purpose of “keeping it light”.  Then again wouldn’t the tint in the BB Cream do that as well?  Still the name of the product enticed me to buy and try it.  So I purchased the one and noticed that it was definitely lighter than the BB Cream and really didn’t give me the look that I was going for.

CC Creams

Now I hear that there may be a DD Cream coming out.  These “Daily Defense” versions add anti-aging benefits as well.  Anti-aging to me is an oxymoron.  We are all aging and there is nothing, so far, that is going to change it.  I guess these products appear to slow it down a bit though.

DD Cream


And finally there is the EE Cream.  It is Estee Lauder’s Even Effect Cream that smooths skin tone and acts as a full face concealer.  I will probably hold off on this one for a while.

EE Cream


My conclusion is that BB + CC + DD + EE = a lot of money down the drain when you wash them off at night!