I don’t know if that is truly a word, but it represents what we are all trying to achieve.  Being perfect is a tall order.  Looking your best, however, is something that is achievable.  I am finding that any product that makes you feel pretty and you can see results is your “perfect” product.

Keep looking and trying things to find out what that product is and you will fell much better.  This serum really makes my skin “feel” better even if it wasn’t necessarily sick.  I have been using this now for a couple of months and what a difference it has made in the feel of my skin during the day.

It is a little pricey, but I use it every morning under my makeup and the smooth soft feeling lasts all day.  I am not trying to sell this to anyone, just suggesting trying it for a while and see if you feel the same way…~dbratt

It’s a Miracle!

Light, even coverage makes Lancome Tient Miracle a winner in my book.  In my adventures in retail, I have sampled many brands and found that this product is the nicest feeling and give the best results for me.  It covers a little or, if you need to, can cover a lot.  It evens out your combination skin and gives a radiant look the whole day.


You must go to a Lancome counter and get matched to get the best results.  I am a Buff 6 and the coverage is the best.

Miracles really to happen and they did when I started using Lancome Tient Miracle…no joke…~Dbratt