Got it nailed down…

I like having my nails done by a professional.  This last time however, really did a number on them.  They started breaking off even if you just looked at them.  I am trying now to get them back in good condition.  I don’t typically spend a lot of time on my nails and that is problematic.  In the past I have done acrylic but that is not good in the long run either.  My cousin is a nail tech and she got me into using gel.  Gel nails are great because they dry almost immediately.  You can even do dishes after completing the gel process.  The process in removing them though is quite harsh as well and can take a toll…


Recently I have found some products that make my hands and nails feel great.  Clinique Even Better and Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream make my hands feel nourished and soft.  I have also squared off my nails to make them less likely to split down the middle which seems to have worked.  The Even Better takes care of those “freckles” that I talked about yesterday that appear on my hands.  Works great!


Another product that works amazing is the Avon Nail Experts Pear Shine.  It has a light color with a little shimmer but the main thing is that it dries almost immediately just like the gel.  I put this on every couple of days and remove it after two applications so there is no buildup.

My nails are not where I want them to be but they are well taken care of…



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