Perceptions of perfect…

I am embarrassed to say that in watching the movie “The Other Woman” I looked at Kate Upton running down the beach and thought…”Wow is she fat!”.


This is a beautiful woman and not all that far off from me (except the boobs of course), but nothing like the other models and movie stars that are shoved down our throats in movies and magazines all day long.  I even surprised myself when I listened to Cameron Diaz comment in the movie about how perfect Kate’s character was and how could she compete with that!


I felt uncomfortable watching these scenes because in  my mind I was struggling to really see that Kate’s character was so comfortable wearing that bikini when I wouldn’t be caught dead in something that skimpy because of how I think that I look.

I am finally beginning to realize that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder especially when you are looking at yourself.  This year I am really trying hard to be easier on myself and how I look and feel about me…how about you?



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